Transformers Windblade #4

“Stick to your own lane, sky hog!”

Transformers: Windblade #4


IDW (July, 2014)

WRITER: Mairghead Scott
ARTIST: Sarah Stone
LETTERER: Chris Mowry
EDITOR: John Barber

If Starscream isn’t behind the bombing and diverted Energon then who is? Windblade finds the answer when she’s forced to merge with Metroplex, leading to some hard decisions.

What they got right: The reason there is no Best Scene nomination for this one is that the whole thing is too good. Windblade turns out to be a very good character and interesting to see what she comes up with, at least in Scott’s hands. The revelation and Windblade’s strategy for dealing with things and bringing peace brings a satisfying conclusion to this miniseries.

What they got wrong: I was kind of sorry to see who was behind this and why. I was beginning to like that bot.

Recommendation: I’m done with the IDW TFU because I still don’t like what it’s doing, but I bought this to see how Scott worked in this continuity and it turns out she was just as good here as in the Dinobot comics from the Prime Universe. This is at least one story in this timeline I can easily recommend although you should have some idea what’s going on or you might get lost with talk of “titans” and this version of the space bridge.


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