I got tired of waiting for the annual. Remind me of this when the actual annual comes out if for some reason I forget.

TMNT Turtles In Time #1

“Where are the seat belts on this thing?”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time #1

IDW (June, 2014)

WRITER: Paul Allor
ARTIST: Ross Campbell
COLORIST: Bill Crabtree
EDITOR: Bobby Curnow

Sometime in the annual the Turtles meet Renet, a rather ditzy time traveler (I see that version continues through all continuities) who at this point has the Turtles stranded in the prehistoric age. Unfortunately the Utrom are also here and kidnap Raphael (who gets himself a pet). Can the Turtles rescue him and how will they get home before Utrom backup arrive?

What they got right: Good lord, this was fun. While the main series has humorous moments this didn’t take itself seriously at all but still stayed true to the IDW Turtleverse (mostly, but I’ll get to that). Pepperoni (the aforementioned pet) was so cute but even in this continuity having a baby dinosaur as a pet, even a plant-eater, could be problematic. The fight scenes are great, full of action and (I’ll type it again) fun.

What they got wrong: You know how I complain about the IDW Turtles resembling the Nickelodeon Turtles too much? Well, here they really resemble the Nick version. If they hadn’t referred to the brain-in-robot-stomach aliens as Utrom instead of Krang (in the cartoon they’re all called Krang and call each other that) I would have thought this DID take place in the Nick version since IDW publishes an adaptation of that series as well. Actually, as fun as this is that might not have been a bad idea. That might be better suited for this story.

Recommendation: I liked reading this chapter and I’m looking forward to the other three issues. And the Annual if I haven’t missed it and it ever comes out.

Even funnier? One of the Utrom soldiers try the same thing.

Even funnier? One of the Utrom soldiers tries the same thing.

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