If you only know The Great Space Coaster as that show Family Guy parodied that one time you may not care about this announcement. If you grew up with the show like I did, then I have some good news!

Washington, DC – Tanslin Media in association with Garden Thieves Pictures is proud to announce that for a limited time four episodes of the original Great Space Coaster children’s television show will be available for digital rental and download exclusively on Vimeo starting Aug 12th 2014. Click here to view

All proceeds from the sale of the episodes go to preserving the over 200 episodes left to digitize in the tape archives.

Series Co-creator Jim Martin (who was also one of the puppeteers) has been trying to get this show preserved for years, and he may be on course to complete his mission.

For the uninitiated, The Great Space Coaster is about a musical trio who are brought by Baxter (referred to as a clown according to the internet but he looks like some kind of dog to me) on the title vehicle to a planetoid called Coasterville where they hang out with their friends while keeping Baxter away from evil circus owner and scam artist M.T. Promises. Sometimes they’d also go to different places back on Earth to make music videos. The other residents include Goriddle Gorilla (you may recognize his puppeteer’s name, Kevin Clash) and Knock-Knock the woodpecker (who always joke with each other), Goriddle’s roommate Edison the Elephant, and later creations like Rory and the Huggles. Other humans would drop by as celebrities would perform with the characters or Speed Reader, a (duh) speed reader who did reviews for one of the regular segments on the show, “The Gary Gnu Show”, hosted by news-hating Gary Gnu. (Insert CNN joke here.) One of the musicians also had a magic screen that showed cartoons, a precursor to smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players.

As of this writing 4 episodes have been digitized and the proceeds, as the press release above says, will go to digitize the remainder of the 200 episodes. The show aired in syndication and later rerun on the USA Network but all fans have had to remember the show were old VHS recordings captured for the internet. I grew up with the show but drifted away. While I probably wouldn’t enjoy the show the same way I did as a kid (unlike most old shows I mention here) I do want to see the show preserved and while I don’t know if this would lead to a remake, maybe today’s kids could also get a kick out of the show (the music may be dated, though), the characters, and dream of riding the Coaster themselves. Just don’t let Peter Griffin drive.

full press release here


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