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DC’s new interactive map of the multiverse, to promote Grant Morrison’s Multiversity, will tell you all about the 52 universes of the New 52 when completed. (Maybe that’s what “New 52” stands for, because it hasn’t been the number of comics set in the DC Universe being published for a long time now.) However, the multiverse has been destroyed and recreated at the whim of whomever is currently running DC Comics. Sadly, these are people who are just no fun anymore, if they ever were. (Editorial, not necessarily the writers.)

That said, I have a few ideas of my own as to what could happen in those other universes. I doubt Grant Morrison will see this but if he does you’re welcome to credit me or not but feel free to use these ideas.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #6 (of 6)

Cosmic Universe

Home to: Supergirl, Superman, Lex Luthor, Belinda Zee, and Lena Thorul (bonus if we get the Moon Supergirl universe somewhere, too)

If you’ve read this site long enough you saw this one coming so I got it out of the way first. I would love to see the Cosmic Supergirl reality become official. Maybe we can get Landry Walker and Eric Jones to finish their series. If you can’t guess (also from reading this site long enough) I’m going for the funner universes, mostly, but I’m completely serious in seeing them happen.

Adv of Capt. Marvel DVD cover

The Serial Universe

Home To: Superman, Batman, Robin, Captain Marvel, Spy Smasher and any other serial superheroes they can get

Another thing long time readers know about me is my love of serials. The five heroes listed, while not having their serials produced by the same studio, are currently DC property, so why not have a big story with all of those versions in it? (If anyone can retcon the two Batman serials, Morrison can. I even had an idea myself.) Of course, in the serial Billy Batson is no longer able to become Captain Marvel since his mission was to save the scorpion from The Scorpion (it makes sense in context), but what if something happened that caused him to not only regain his powers but brought together other serial heroes (probably not Captain America, although that serial bore NO resemblance to the comics at all outside of the uniform) to stop it? Would that not be a great homage to the serials of old? Isn’t that the kind of thing Morrison salivates over?

Tangent Superman's Reign v1

Tangent Universe

Home To: the same names but different everything else

Seriously, that was the schtick of the Tangent one-shots. It was a whole new reality, one in which a nuclear explosion destroyed Atlanta, Georgia and led to New Atlantis and was somehow connected to numerous new superheroes, with names you’ll recognize, some even as a mild DC fan. Before the comic above ruined it, it was a series that could be fun (especially the Flash, a teen girl made of solid light being chased by her father and his flunkies on behalf of the Nightwing organization) but could also be serious. In addition to the aforementioned teen you had The Atom, a Superman-style superhero (the regular Superman, not the one from the above comic) who pledged to live up to the ideals his grandfather (the first Atom) only pretended to live by. (Long story, I recommend getting it.) Or the enigmatic Joker; is she one girl or three, and how is that one police officer always getting sucked into her adventures? I would love to see more stories using this gimmick while remembering not only the characters already “Tangentized” but the fun tone the series had before…you know.

The coolest cape in comics...OR cartoons.

The coolest cape in comics…OR cartoons.

Super Friends/Super Powers Team Universe

Home To: the usual DC heroes and villains plus Wendy, Marvin, Wonderdog, Zan, Jana, Gleek, Apache Chief, El Durado, Samurai, and Black Vulcan

If Morrison needs someone to pinch hit for him I’ll do this for scale. I’d take my cues from Super Powers Team more than Super Friends because people who hate the former still can compliment the latter (including one critic I could name), plus there’s more room for drama. This is the season that did in one episode what Dan Jurgens and other Superman writers took months to do–demonstrate the effect Superman had on the world and bring him back from the dead (or an induced trance, whatever) to kick Darkseid’s robots all over Metropolis. You also had “The Fear”, which wasn’t afraid to make Batman afraid of Crime Alley, the place his parents where killed. There were other good ones but these were easily the best of all of them and I’d use them as my guide.

Billy Batson #19

“Earth-S” Universe

Home To: the Fawcett Publication characters like the Marvel Family and Ibis

Give the Captain Marvel fans what they want and bring back a universe where the Marvel family are fun, and have lighthearted, kid-friendly adventures. Bring back the “holey moley”, Tawky Tawny, and a Billy Batson who isn’t a brat while his alter-ego has magic lighting flashing out of his chest symbol and wearing that dumb hood. Just knowing this is there will give us at least a little peace.

FNF R3-07a

The DC Animated Universe

Home To: Bruce Timm’s version of the DCU plus Static, Gear, the other heroes from Static Shock, and Zeta and his friends in the Batman Beyond time period

Finally, it’s the best not-comic version of the DC Universe ever! There wasn’t heavy continuity, Batman wasn’t afraid to let a small smile out now and then (at least until Justice League), and some of the best stories were written either for the show or in the tie-in comics that loosely followed the show in favor of main DC universe elements that would later be ignored in favor the cartoon’s ideas. People love this universe, which is why DC scammed fought so hard to get Static and gave the Beyond time period it’s own continuity (and  botched it up rather well, actually).

I’m sure there are plenty of others as DC bought a lot of characters from closing companies (and some they didn’t even sue out of existence while still losing the case) or maybe tapping Elseworlds story. Maybe have Kingdom Come made into an official separate continuity so it doesn’t bleed in the DCU again, or even New Frontier, even if they did kill Superman off. (Or did he get better? I haven’t watched the movie in a while.) Giving Watchmen their own plot of universe is probably already a given. What else would you like to see make it into the multiverse? Put them in the comments below and maybe Morrison will actually come across this and give us our favorite realities.

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