I was sick this weekend and didn’t get to the comic store. So we’ll finish the week with Modern Publishing’s 3 issues of Voltron, published when the series was still on television.

Voltron (Modern) #1

“My watch stopped.”

Voltron #1

Modern Publishing (1985)

“Will Power”
WRITER: Henry Vogel
ARTIST: Dick Ayers
COLORIST: Rick Ayers
no letterer credited
EDITOR: Gary Broadsky

Hagar comes into possession of a mind control machine, which Lotor insists be used on Keith even though it’s untested. Under their control, Keith brings the Black Lion to Lotor’s ship, but the other Voltron Force follow and help him break out of it when Lotor sends their commander to battle against them. They form Voltron and the ships go running.

If this seems weak to you, try reading it. The team’s speech is so weak that the machine had to be a dud or Keith was already too strong willed for it to hold him long. The art is okay (except that one panel where Lotor looks like an old woman) but the colorist didn’t watch the show because he got the colors wrong a few times, only once horribly so. Ayers’ method of showing the Lions streaking through space doesn’t have the same impact as on the show or in later comics. (I can’t even hold that against Dynamite.) Also, there’s no RoBeast in this story.

It’s not the worst Voltron comic I’ve ever read (that I can hold against Dynamite) but it’s not every good either. Only look for this one out of curiosity.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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