History of Power Rangers 2

I know Linkara has a new, and supercool, logo for both shows but unless I get some free time you’re getting this one. It still works.

This week we have Linkara’s three-part look at Power Rangers: Mystic Force, a show that I haven’t actually watched for reasons I’ll get into tomorrow. But because I haven’t watched it I won’t have a lot to say. One of the things I try to do is discuss the original Sentai, which I usually haven’t seen either. This round we have a bonus treat courtesy of EZ Rider and this show, Toku Time, who recently just launched a brand new website. With his permission I bring you the full review of Mahou Sentai Magiranger (translated as Magic Team Magical Ranger according to Super Sentai.com), the precursor to Mystic Force, which has some of the same ideas, and some different ones.

The “GEAR” reference refers to Apollo Z Hack’s enemy in The Reviewaverse Saga. Also, EZ has his own enemy that I believe is connected to his (character’s) brother. I’ve missed a few episodes.

As for Magiranger, I don’t have EZ’s apparent aversion to camp, but this still isn’t my kind of Sentai. It appears to be drawing from Harry Potter, The Lord Of The Rings and various fairy tales and as I’ll get into tomorrow it just doesn’t interest me. Still, I do like the Ranger outfits. They aren’t on my top whatever list but the cape could at least give it an honorable mention. The theme appears to be one of family but I’m only going by EZ’s review.

My thanks to EZ Peterson for letting me use his show here at the Spotlight and go check out his series. Tomorrow we being History Of Power Ranger‘s mystical journey and why I didn’t stick with the show past the first few episodes.

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