The Multiversity #1

Neighborhood watch? The name sounds more like a college.

The Multiversity #1

DC Comics (October, 2014)

“House Of Heroes”
WRITER: Grant Morrison
INKER: Joe Prado
COLORIST: Nel Ruffing
LETTERER: Todd Klein
EDITOR: Rickey Purdin
GROUP EDITOR: Eddie Berganza

Something is trying to destroy the Multiverse and corrupt the last Monitor, now calling himself Nix Uotan, Superjudge. On one world he puts himself in harms way so local surviving hero the Thunderer can head to the Monitors’ old base and summon heroes to challenge this new threat. It’s not going to be all that easy.

This is a hard one for me to call, folks. On the one hand there are some interesting ideas, like bringing together heroes from alternate realities, and some of the versions of heroes they come up with. I haven’t read a Captain Carrot comic but I can’t say this guy impressed me as a hero so maybe Morrison has his own take. Still, I don’t hate any of the heroes presented. Any issues I have are nitpicky. For example I’m just political enough to note that Superman is a black president (and I now have to show this picture


and it’s obvious to me why) but I’m more concerned with the fact that he does a worse job hiding his secret identity (said President) since he doesn’t wear a mask or appear to act any different. It’s worse than Power Girl’s secret identity but at least in the New 52 nobody in Earth-1 knew she existed. I also don’t know where Nix’s talking monkey friend came from but maybe that was explained in some other story. But much like the Scribblenauts comic earlier this week I see some good ideas that I want to see explored…unless the rest of the comics are $5 like this one. Otherwise I’ll be passing on the series, but it’s worth a look at least. I see good ideas that I hope pan out.

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