Ultraman Tiga #10

“I hate using the diving board on Halloween.”

Ultraman Tiga #10


Dark Horse (June, 2004)

originally published by Jade Dynasty

“All Fall Down”
WRITER: Tony Wong
ADAPTATION: Ken Siu-Chong, Michelle Lee, & Thomas Andrews
ARTIST: Khoo Fuk Lung
COVER ART: Alvin Lee & Ben Huen
LETTERING: Sno Cone Studios
DESIGNER: Darin Fabrick
EDITOR: Jeremy Barlow

The gun underground is Kilieroid. Back in the ancient times his people decided not to share Earth with the humans. As the war raged on it was a stalemate until the Ultramen intervened and forged peace between the two. Kilieroid even joined in the fight against the appearing monsters but some of the humans still held a grudge and wiped his people out while he was aiding the Ultramen and blames Tiga. However, he still loves Earth and destroys all of the missiles and Makilla. Tiga (now Daigo, who has no memory of these early events) tries to convince Kileroid to join forces and the last of the Kiliel considers it. GUTS is reinstated and Daigo vows to continue protecting the Earth as the series sadly ends.

What they got right: I like the concept of Kileroid and he may make a decent rival, had the series continued. On the surface it’s a satisfying ending.

What they got wrong: But then you think about it. Unless there were more issues produced by Jade Dynasty that Dark Horse didn’t adapt (and it was always planned as a 10 issue series by Dark Horse), that means that the hero of the final issue isn’t the title character but some guy that happened to be under the ground and had a mad-on for Tiga, deciding to show him up while still saving his planet. Why not just have the (former at the time) GUTS pilots say “slag this” and take some fighters to bring down the smaller missiles while Tiga uses the nuke to send Makilla into space and blow him and the nuke up where nobody would get irradiated? Then reforming GUTS would be due to their showing the courage and fast thinking that proved they were needed while Tiga gets the final victory in the last issue of his comic. That would have been a much better ending.

Recommendation: Lame end aside, this was a great series that I highly recommend picking up.


And that ends the last of the Ultraman comics. Starting next week we begin a new series of comic for the Friday night postings and staying close to the theme I promise it will be “morphenominal”. Yeah, I’m not even trying to be subtle on this one.

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