Ultraman Tiga #5

“Friends of yours?”

Ultraman Tiga #5

Dark Horse (December, 2003)

originally published by Jade Dynasty

“Attack Of The Regulan-Seijin” part 1
WRITER: Tony Wong
ADAPTATION: Ken Siu-Chong, Michelle Lee, & Thomas Andrews
ARTIST: Khoo Fuk Lung
COVER ART: Alan Tam & Omar Dogan
LETTERER: Sno Cone Studios
DESIGNER: Darin Fabrick
EDITOR: Jeremy Barlow

A new threat, the Regulan-Seijin, uses fishermen to invade GUTS HQ and taking control of Rena, using their powers to turn everyone into their slaves. However, Daigo is unaffected and is able to free Shinjoh. Together Shinjoh and Tiga manage to free everyone under the aliens’ control and destroys their ship. However, Tiga’s time is limited and he has two giant Regulan-Seijin to deal with.

What they got right: Again the alien designs are well done, and while the threat isn’t tied with the usual monster issues they make for an interesting story.

What they got wrong: These are minor issues but there are a few that don’t make a lot of sense to me. What were Daigo and Shinjoh supposedly arguing about (which we saw one panel where it looked like they might be arguing, but outside of the commander bringing it up you wouldn’t have noticed) and why bring this up when it has no bearing on the plot? If the Regulan-Seijin control people through soundwaves that’s fine but how did Rena mutate into a hybrid of the human and alien and why did she turn back when the sound was canceled out? These are story decisions I don’t understand.

Recommendation: Weird choices aside it’s still a good start to this storyline and like the other issues worth looking into.


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