History of Power Rangers 2

Now that our heroes have gathered and hopefully become a team it’s time to face the evil and save the day. They’ve packed a lunch but even they’re surprised by who brought the help in Linkara’s final look at the Mystic Force Power Rangers.

So do I feel like I missed out on something after seeing Linkara’s review? Not really. I never thought it was going to be a bad show, although there were things it appears they could have done better. It could be because of what I grew up with versus the younger Mr. Lovhaug, but I can take shows with less character focus in favor of action or moral lessons if we get at least some hint of character. Maybe because I grew up with so few shows with long-term effects even in Filmation’s serial-style shows like Flash Gordon or Jason Of Star Command. They were escapism and we were okay with that. I don’t have a preference but in something like Power Rangers you get used to long-term character development so I can see why he feels that was missing and maybe it was.

I do like some of the ideas from a storytelling and critical perspective, whether or not they were properly developed. The few episodes I saw featured some good acting and I think I would have called Chip my favorite as well for the same reasons Linkara did (although I also liked what I saw of Madison between those few episodes and saw some potential there to the team). However, it’s still a genre that I’m just not particularly interested in that happened to have some Power Ranger trappings with it and while it might be good it didn’t interest me personally.

On the other hand I have no disagreements with most of Linkara’s take on Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive, the show I came back on. Linkara’s review is already up on his site, with the next series, Jungle Fury, set for around Christmastime. When will the BW posting and my perspectives pop up for Overdrive? Uncertain. Christmas is when I do the Christmas Spotlight so depending on his final posting it may be the last week of December or sometime in January. But his views and mine are pretty darn close.

My thanks again to both Lewis Lovhag and EZ Peterson for allowing me to post their videos up this week. Please go watch Toku Time and Atop The Fourth Wall and support their work. And I need to get back to mine. See you tomorrow for the Friday Night Fights!


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