Silverhawks #2

And the slashfic began.

Silverhawks #2

Star Comics (October, 1987)

WRITER: Steve Perry
PENCILER: Mike Witherby
INKER; Bred Fredricks
COLORIST: Nel Yomtov
LETTERER: Jack Morelli
EDITOR: Don Daley

When Stargazer finds out that Mon*Star is sending Hardware to kidnap him…he thinks it’s a good idea. This is his best way to get into Brim*Star and gain access to the mob’s computer databanks with all of their criminal operations. Despite being slowed down by Windhammer, the Silverhawks manage to get into the fortress thanks to the same lockpick device Hardware used to kidnap Stargazer from Hawkhaven. The crew manages to escape with both their commander and the mob’s secrets.

What they got right: All of the characters sound like their cartoon counterparts, including Seymour the Space Hack and Zeke (Hardware and Mo-Lec-U-Lar steal it as part of their plan to nab Stargazer), who make their comic debut. This is the first original story, yet it would have made a good episode of the show.

What they got wrong: The cover has the Silverhawks’ faces their natural skin color but their masks are down. Later Yomtov does the same crowd shortcut he does in the Transformers comic when Mon*Star is verbally assaulting Stargazer in front of the whole mob.

Recommendation: Fans of the show should look this comic up since it reads like a lost episode. I even hated Zeke as much here as I do the show.


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