Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Saga #1

Something something Basketball…

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Saga #1

Hamilton Comics (August, 1995)

WRITER: Don Markstein
ARTISTS: John Heebink & Aaron McClellan and Sparky Moore & John Heebink
COLORIST: Joseph Allen
no letterer credited
EDITORS: John Clark & Gary Leach

Adapting the first episode and part of the “Green With Evil” saga. After the Rangers take out a boxing green rodent thing, Zordon and Alpha decide to chronicle the history of the Rangers up to this point. This is the framing device for the miniseries. So basically a clip show in comic form.

What they got right: For the space given in the issue they do a good job summing up the original episode and getting as far as Tommy’s reveal as the Green Ranger to the other Rangers. While a few hits are taken in the Green Ranger episode they don’t ruin the story and it’s a “clip show” story. I’m used to it.

What they got wrong: Minor fanboy nitpicks on this one. The Rad Bug is red instead of white. Ticklesneezer was actually in Trini’s nightmare, not an actual monster they fought. There is one actual problem in that there are times they have the word balloons going to the wrong character.

Other notes: You many notice that the Red Ranger on the cover has his dino symbol on his jacket. For some reason, licensed merchandise like the action figures, things like towels, and both the Hamilton and I believe Marvel comics we will get to later have this to prove it’s official. Although it’s not that hard to add, really, so that was kind of pointless and made it look different from the show. This was dropped beginning in the “Zeo” years.

Recommendation: With the series now out on DVD there’s no need to really rush out to get this unless you want it in your comic timeline but it’s not a bad comic if you come across it with some extra money.


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