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I have a few more videos left to edit from the 2013 conventions. One is a panel I wasn’t sure I was going to do, and I explain why I did and what went wrong in the intro. The panel is “Movies Everyone Disagrees With You On”. From the beginning of BW Media Spotlight I’ve noted that there is a difference between liking and hating a particular media and said media being good or bad. Doug Walker must have had a similar notion because he has started doing this panel at a number of conventions. (In fact we will see one from the 2014 ConnectiCon at a later date.) It the audience’s chance to say “everyone I know likes/hates this movie but I hate/love it” and not be judged…mostly.

Joining Walker in this installment is voice actress Lauren Landa, a self-professed movie buff who asked if she could join in on the panel. While the video has me panning all over the place it’s at least good to listen to. The next installment of this topic will be…slightly better. Enjoy just the same

I didn’t put the same video and subscription link on this that I did last week’s Press Junket because I was trying to get it done an uploaded. We’ve have a few…issues this week at BW HQ. Next week should be an interview video followed by…dare we hope…a BW Video Review! If plans hold out of course.

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