Superman #34

“Since when is Pismo Beach inside a bunker?”

Superman #34

DC Comics (October, 2014)

“The Men Of Tomorrow” part 3: “Ulysses
WRITER: Geoff Johns
PENCILER: John Romita, Jr.
INKER: Klaus Janson
COLORIST: Laura Martin
LETTERER: Travis Lanham
GROUP EDITOR: Eddie Berganza

Neil’s reunion with his birth parents goes well, but the Machinist is ready to make his move against Superman. Events will lead Ulysses to make a major mistake.

What they got right: Hey, people have necks again! The reunion was good and the Machinist does seem to be a decent threat. We still don’t know how he knows Clark is Superman but we do get his motivation. It will also be interesting how this comic handles Ulysses killing someone as opposed to a certain Zack Snyder film.

What they got wrong: So the Machinist wants to turn Superman into a weapon through. That’s never been done before. Also, no Daily Planet appearance this issue.

Recommendation: So far I like where the story is going, or am at least curious about where it appears to be going with the trepidation I usually have with a New 52 comic. We’ll see what happens when this storyline ends.


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