Six Million Dollar Man S6 #5

The latest in nanotechnology?

The Six Million Dollar Man Season Six #5

Dynamite (2014)

WRITER: Jim Kuhoric
ARTIST: Juan Antonio Ramirez
COLORIST: Fran Gamboa
LETTERER: Joshua Cozine

Our heroes get past Maskatron but with the Bionics Program’s budget cut they can’t repair Steve’s arm. Help will come from a surprising source while Russia plays their own cyborg games and Heller gets a visitor. Since Jamie is the only one left she tries to get to the alien-covered scientists.

What they got right: Seems at least one of our villains may not be the bad guy we thought he was. There may be hope for Spencer yet.

What they got wrong: Maskatron. The NASA alien spore thing. The Russians. The Robot Maker giving Heller cybernetics. The OSI traitor. And the preview mentions the robot Bigfoot. There are just way too many subplots here that would be better served as their own story or a running subplot through the “season”.

Recommendation: Still a good read and better than their re-imagined Bionic Man comic. (I hear Jamie may get her own “Season” series, and I would be in favor of that.) Pick this one up.

Nice to see this happening FOR the good guys for a change.

Nice to see this happening FOR the good guys for a change.


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