Six Million Dollar Man S6 #4

Maskatron finds his spirit animal.

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #4

Dynamite (2014)

WRITER: Jim Kuhoric
ARTIST: Juan Antonio Ramirez
COLORIST: Fran Gamoa
LETTERER: Joshua Cozine

Steve learns about Hiller as Oscar has already heard about Steve being sold out during his mission in Russia and is looking for the culprits. The possessed doctor takes over NASA, but Steve and Jamie have more immediate concerns. Maskatron wants his face back and with the original plate damaged he’s willing to take it off of the man it was based on, namely Steve.

What they got right: The scene with Steve talking to Hiller wouldn’t have been done back in the 1960s, both due to special effects limits and television censorship. (Plus the bionic comics of the time based on The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman had the comics code and the all-ages banners holding them back.) The moment is well done here as Barney doesn’t want to live and you have to feel for the guy.  You also have Jamie comforting Rudy since he’s being let go with the bionics program shut down. The two characters became friends on Jamie’s show. The fight between Maskatron and the bionic agents is also well done.

What they got wrong: Maybe my knowledge of the series is limited due to how long it’s been since I’ve seen the show and never saw the complete series but who is that girl in Spencer’s picture. Is she important to the plot?

Recommendation: I wish we had gotten this comic instead of the Kevin Smith version but at least we finally have it. Fans of the show should be picking this up already.


Steve Austin: Agent of OSI and AAA.

Steve Austin: Agent of OSI and AAA.

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