You may know Gerry Anderson‘s work if you’re familiar with the term “supermarionation“. And hopefully you saw the show before the lackluster live-actors movie. You might have even caught his other work and if not they’re up on Hulu. I even looked at Fireball XL-5 in a Saturday Night Showcase.but you may have heard of Captain Scarlett, or the live-actor series Space 1999. He’s mostly known for his blending of marionettes, miniatures, and the lost art of practical effects. He was able to make these shows exciting using puppets, and his work was parodied in Team America: World Police. Anderson passed away in 2012.

His ideas were also translated into anime. Thunderbirds: 2086 was loosely inspired by the original and another project, Firestorm (not to be confused with the DC superhero) also has a Japanese animated series. However, Anderson’s son, Jamie, is hoping to bring it back to puppets under the term “ultramarionation” with a new version of Firestorm!

If this looks like something you want to see made, check out the Kickstarter page. As I write this they are already close to their goal.

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