Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #6

“Adam, the monster is over here!”

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #6


Hamilton Comics (May, 1996)

COLORIST: Summer Hinton
EDITORS: John Clark & Gary Leach
“Attack Of The Gargantutron!”
WRITER: Jack C. Harris
ARTIST: Al Bigley
“Shop Till You Drop…Dead!”
WRITER: Nicola Cuti
ARTIST: Gray Morrow

In the first tale, Zedd sends down the Garantutron, a monster that will fool the Rangers by breaking to pieces at the first ThunderMegaZord strike and secretly hides a nuclear-powered earthquake bomb in it’s arm. The Rangers are in class and can’t disappear to fight the monster until it stomps it’s way toward Angel Grove High, forcing an evacuation. However, the Rangers deduce that there might be a bomb and borrows a Geiger Counter from school to find the bomb, which they send back to Zedd.

What they got right: I like seeing the Rangers using the ThunderZords to help rescue people and actually having school interfere with their Ranger duties. It’s something you don’t get to see on the show, where people didn’t seem to need rescuing until Lightspeed Rescue, and their private lives seldom clash with their lives as Power Rangers.

What they got wrong: Harris continues to not do his homework. Alpha is still calling Zordon “great Zordon”, the Rangers need Zordon to teleport them, and they hold the coins rather than the morphers that hold the coins (that could be on the artist), and (also on the artist) they use some kind of wall projection rather than the viewing globe to follow the action. And what happened to Tommy? He’s not in this story at all.

Then Finster introduces a mall that is secretly a trap for the people inside, and even Kim and Rocky are trapped while Zedd sends a monster disguised as a statue after the others. Kim and Rocky escape and the ThunderMegaZord wins the day.

What they got right: Hey, Tommy’s in this one. I like seeing the bad guys go off their usual routine for a change. There aren’t as many errors in this one.

What they got wrong: Kim and Rocky are somehow in a separate cell so the other people can’t see them but they still morph with everyone knowing they’re in there and becoming Power Rangers. They’re lucky nobody they knew was in there. And something I just realized: the writers seems to be shy about the MegaZord using it’s sword and making the monster explode. They usually win by punching or kicking monsters lately.

Recommendation: Not a great comic and luckily there’s a second series right after this one so it isn’t the one Hamilton goes out on. Still, it’s only worth chasing for the complete set.


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