Space Ghost

I’m late to give Batman his next breathing-in-space lesson.

Space Ghost

Comico  The Comic Company (December, 1987)

“The Sinister Spectre”
WRITERS: Mark Evanier & Steve Rude
PLOT ASSISTS: Darrell McNeil
PENCILER: Steve Rude
INKER: Willie Blyberg
COLORIST: Ken Steacy
EDITOR: Diana Schutz

A day on Gaolworld is 12 years long, and Zorak is sentenced to five days along with Creature King, Lurker, Brak, and other people Space Ghost took down. One day a mysterious cloaked figure gives Zorak a duplicate power band, which he uses to break himself and the others out of Gaolworld with a mission to kill Space Ghost. However, the cloaked figure, working for Rob-Corp, is manipulating everything, including having Metallus broken from Omega Prison to capture Jan and Jayce. This leads Space Ghost through a gauntlet of his old foes’ tricks, escaping each one until finally confronting the cloaked figure…revealed as an android duplicate of Space Ghost! During the battle Zorak fires on what he thinks is Space Ghost, destroying the android in his place. The bad guys are re-arrested and peace returns to the galaxy.

What they got right: The comic feels exactly like an episode of the cartoon, complete with the opening splash page made up like a episode title card to give the title. The voices are right out of the show (although I tried to put the Coast-To-Coast VA in the place of the android Space Ghost). Also, we never saw what happened in the saucer crab (from the episode Attack Of The Saucer Crab) so nice extension of that.

What they got wrong: The internet has refused me the right to check this without money I don’t have and I don’t have my from-TV recordings (I’d have the DVD set but that money thing again) handy but as I recall Space Ghost and the others had no idea who sent the saucer crab. Here they know full well it was Rob Corp.

Recommendation: This is my favorite of the Space Ghost comics I’ve read. You should really pick this one up.

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