Fury Of Firestorm #49

You hope Firestorm isn’t interrupting an escape trick.

Fury Of Firestorm #49

DC Comics (July, 1986)

“Justice: Lost And Found”
WRITER: Gerry Conway
PENCILER: Joe Brozowski
INKERS: Mike Machlan; Rodriguez; Marcos
COLORIST: Nansi Hoolahan
LETTERER: Carrie Spiegle
EDITOR: Janice Race

Felicity drops the lawsuit against Firestorm (based on his opening speech that I guess was last issue but I don’t own it to check). Back in Pittsburgh, Doreen’s friend Bree Brandon has been moonlighting as Moonbow (no pun intended on my part), a thief archer who targets criminals. She’s already hit one of the top crime bosses, but the other one is ready for her. Firestorm, given an interim position as part of the DA’s special investigation team, is charged to bring her in but instead must help her escape the other crime boss. Learning she’s a classmate, Ronnie decides to let her go, since she was also shot and won’t be doing much of anything for a while.

What they got right: I like Moonbow and I hope she comes back and someday reforms. I’m kind of afraid to look into the character because I know some later writer used her as a shock death. (Actually, just looked her up. Apparently she was underused. I wouldn’t mind seeing her as a full Robin Hood type hero, but only in the 80s. They’d ruin her badly in today’s style.) The line art is much better since the last Fury Of Firestorm comic I reviewed. The lines aren’t as thick and dark as they were. Also, Pittsburgh really likes their new hero, Firestorm. Finally, no Cliff Carmichael in this issue. I hope that doesn’t change although I’m sure it sadly will.

What they got wrong: I really have no complaints.

Recommendation: A very enjoyable read that’s worth picking up.


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