Marvel Versus DC #3

I just want everyone to turn around and beat up Lobo and Wolverine. Is that so bad?

Marvel Versus DC #3

Marvel Comics/DC Comics (1996)

WRITER: Ron Marz (with Peter David)
PENCILERS: Dan Jrgens & Claudio Castellini
INKERS: Joe Rubinstein & Paul Neary with Sean Hardy
COLORIST: Gregory Wright
SEPARATIONS: Digital Chameleon
LETTERER: Bill Oakley
ASSISTANT EDITORS: Joe Andreani & Chris Duffy
EDITORS: Mark Gruenwald & Mike Carlin

As the fights go on Ben/Peter finds out Lois is engaged…in the most embarrassing way possible with nobody else in the room, and Jubilee has better luck with Robin (Tim). Meanwhile, Axel Asher has his powers awoken and becomes the new Access. While the previous one took on a bum’s appearance, the new Access gets a superhero-like costume. Then Batman and Captain America show up and Access uses his powers to do…something, as the brothers merge into one being…and amalgamate their universes as well!

What they got right: I’ll be reviewing the fights separately like I did last week, but I like the choices in opponents. For a 90s costume Access’s isn’t too bad.

What they got wrong: Why do the brothers amalgamate? Was it Access’s doing? Was it something the previous access was trying to stop? It’s not really clear.

  • Robin Versus Jubilee: They actually make a cute couple. A lot of these fights are too short but Robin using his cape to trick Jubilee works. I do wonder if he left her tied up, though. How kinky is Tim? Anyway, it’s one of my favorites.
  • The Silver Surfer Versus Green Lantern : Nice tie-in to their last meeting, much like Joker and Spider-Man (although that was Peter and not Ben) in the first issue. However, all we see of the actual fight is a big flash of energy and Kyle unconscious on the surfboard. Kind of a weak fight. Were they running out of room by this point? Did they plan for this to be more issues? Maybe better use of panel space would have been better than showing off?
  • Electra Versus Catwoman: Maybe drop this fight and let the Lantern/Surfer fight go longer? I guess they wanted the two women who bounce between anti-hero and villain to go at it and there’s some symmetry there. Like I said, I like the choices for opponents but there’s nothing else to this fight.
  • Wolverine Versus Lobo: This one actually worked better with not seeing the final blow AND taking place in a space bar. A part of me wishes neither of them won but seeing Wolverine take a lit cigar that was lying on the table is classic Logan. And I may hate Lobo a bit more than Wolverine because Lobo was crap from the start, a parody taken too seriously, while Logan (d)evolved into what he is today.
  • Storm Versus Wonder Woman: So why have Wonder Woman able to use Thor’s hammer and gain a new costume if they aren’t going to have her fight with it? Did David and Marz have a disagreement? Did they just want to put Diana in a sexier outfit for a few pages? (Seriously, it’s like an Asguardian bikini armor or something.) Instead she drops it and most of what little fight exists is Storm smacking her with lighting bolts until Diana passes out. Weak!
  • Spider-Man Versus Superboy: Clone versus clone. A perfect choice. And it’s a good fight as Ben has to outwit his enemy, and with Superboy at the time that was rather easy, really. Still, a decent fight.
  • Superman Versus The Hulk: First they team up against Metallo before being taken away. I’m not sure why Superman complained about jurisdiction in one breath and said he didn’t care the next. I do like how Superman’s love for Lois is so strong that even the Hulk is no match for him. Which just makes their missing relationship in the New 52 all the more disappointing.
  • Batman Versus Captain America: I’ve said numerous times that I like watching these two work together and as much as I’m usually against hero versus hero, I’ve made an exception for this event and so I kind of wish this one was longer, too. What part they play in the finale we’ll have to wait to see.

Recommendation: If you’re a fan of both universes and don’t already have this in your collection, you should work on that. Next week will NOT be the final issue. Instead we’ll look at the Amalgam universe titles, a series of fun mergers of DC and Marvel characters that were part of this event. I didn’t collect them all and we’ll only look at the first series of them, especially one title that is important not only to this miniseries but the next one in the Access saga. Prepare to join the Amalgam Age of comics!


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