Godzilla #5 (DH)

Considering Godzilla’s history with bug monsters, this shouldn’t take long.

Godzilla #5

Dark Horse (October, 1995)

“Target: Godzilla!” part 1
PENCILER: Tatuya Ishida
INKER: Daniel Rivera
COLORIST: Albert Deschesne
COVER ARTISTS: Kevin Maguire & Arthur Adams
LETTERER: Clem Robins
EDITOR: Robert Vincent Conte

Cameron unleashes another robotic vehicle upon Godzilla, the All-Terraintula. And it seems to be giving Godzilla a decent fight…until space hunters tracking Bagorah decide they want the kill on the monster that defeated their prey. They blow up the robotic spider, who was able to launch a cadmium injector missile at Godzilla. And somehow Cameron knows they’re called the Dianii!

What they got right: Aliens in the Godzilla franchise. Only took five issues. The Dianii should make for some interesting opponents. We also see that Godzilla may run on instinct but in battle he can be a strategist. On the other hand, I like the design and concept of the All-Terraintula. Pity it was destroyed, but it sets up a more interesting threat so I can let it pass.

What they got wrong: I’m not sure I like this game of musical creative teams. The art isn’t as good here. Kate looks less Asian than she did in the previous storyline. Also, there’s no acknowledgement of Norkio’s alleged suicide. I wonder how that affects her friend Reiko, as well as the rest of the team. Plus, Kino’s a bit too snarky this issue.

Recommendation: Adams’ early showing is that he understands Godzilla and thus far made a decent translation from artist to writer. I’m still recommending this to people.

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