And here we go with the second half of the year’s worth of BW material. This site began on November 16th of 2008 and we’re looking back from that date in 2013 to that date last week. These are some of the reviews and commentaries I thought I did pretty well on. If you missed part 1 yesterday, there’s some extra reading for you.

  • Gotham Showrunner Hates Batman: Continuing the trend of producers of DC Comics characters who hate comics. I don’t understand these people.
  • BW Promotes These Reviewers For Channel Awesome (Part 1|Part 2): Blip took down Rowdy’s samples, and Shane Luis is the only one on this list that actually made it to That Guy With The Glasses, but these are still people you should check out.
  • Why I Lost Interest In Professional Wrestling: I used to a big wrestling fan, and I still have the wrestling magazines to prove it (for now, at least). The modern version, however, has none of what made me a fan.
  • Trope Shark: Jumping The Shark: I started a new article series this cycle called “Trope Shark”, taking the tropes as defined by TV Tropes and editing them down into a more “bite-sized” understanding for the more casual member of a story discussion. Of course I had to start with “jumping the shark”, since it’s the mostly widely-used term.
  • Transformers: Vortex: Back when I had the Transformers fansite and was a regular poster to, I considered doing a series of fanfic I was going to call “Fanfic: The Series”. Vortex would have been the first installment, but it also ended up being the last installment. This year I took the script-like layout I wrote so very long ago and re-wrote it with a more traditional prose style and improving some things I wrote back then. If I ever find my notes I may try to finally complete this series.
  • BW Versus Badass Digest: The Nostalgia Diet: In which I defend nostalgia and separate it from fandom.
  • BW Versus Cracked: Invading The Reel World With The Real World: I know, I know, two “versus” articles in a row. In this one, a writer for comedy site Cracked brings up things from real life that he thought would improve superhero movies, and I pointed out why they wouldn’t it. And considering the Superman/Lois pairing ending is partly blamed on a joke article, I thought it best to nip that in the bud. And there were a few points I agreed with him on.
  • Robin Williams Versus Depression: After JewWario ended his life due to clinical depression (a medical condition rather than just being sad), he was followed by a larger celebrity, Robin Williams. While I didn’t write this (it’s a video by a friend of JewWario’s who also suffers from clinical depression), it’s one I think you all should see anyway.
  • The Geek Hivemind: Even before the current, and often vicious, Gamer Gate debate (that BW is staying far away from because it’s so vicious) we have gamers and other media fans going a bit too far in defending what they love. As someone who defends what he loves, I decided to add a calmer voice to the debate.
  • Filler Video: Godzilla Vs. Gamera: Again, not something I worked on, but a very thorough examination of what might happen should these two box office rivals became actual rivals.
  • JLA/Avengers Week:  Linking to the six articles that formed the second ever “Scanning My Collection” category series. I tackled the best of the DC/Marvel crossovers.
  • Saturday Night Showcase: Patreon Creators Gathering: An unofficial podcast with a bunch of us from a Facebook group dedicated to Patreon subscribers as we discussed how to improve our offerings and increase our sponsors. I hope we do this again sometime, because it was interesting. Besides, I don’t get to talk to other humans enough without a keyboard.
  • Go Go Ranger Colors: I keep hearing people make a case about the original Black Ranger being a black man and the original Yellow Ranger being Asian. So I took to the keyboard to ask…”who cares?”.
  • Cultural Costume Conundrum: That led to a half-defense of non-US superheroes whose costume or even power origin are based solely on the culture of their homeland.
  • BW Video Review: Hard Time On Planet Earth: We talked about nostalgia earlier. Well, here’s proof that things aren’t always as good as you remember, even if you still like it. This was a light sci-fi action comedy that missed some potential ideas.
  • Breaking The Comics Code: Backstory: I’m hoping to get another installment done by the end of the year. Another new series I debut this cycle is an examination of the Comics Code to see if there were some positive things about the poorly enforced system.
  • Remembering The Unknown Reviewers: In which I say goodbye to Reviewers Unknown, the site that took a chance by adding me to their collective. Maybe I’ll be asked to join another one someday. Maybe.
  • In Defense Of Continuity: Like the title says, somebody thought Marvel should just scrap its entire universe and become the movie universe. I disagreed, and decided to defend continuity.
  • Why Superman Can’t End War: I found a better answer to that question in a Superman comic that wasn’t about war than a movie that was about getting rid of nukes.

And that brings us up to today…or rather sometime during last week’s tribute series. As for the next year, hopefully more good things are coming. At least, I have a lot of plans to that goal.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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