Mighty Morphin Power Rangers V2 #4

She survived Thanksgiving…and she’s out for revenge!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4


This is also the last of the Hamilton comics run (September, 1995)

COLORIST: Summer Hinton
EDITORS: John Clark & Gary Leach
“The Lost Ranger”
WRITER: Jack C. Harris
PENCILER: Gray Morrow
INKER: Joe Staton
WRITER: Michael T. Gilbert
ARTIST: Gray Morrow

Rocky isn’t lost himself, but he has forgotten he’s a Power Rangers thanks to a bump falling into his Zord while fighting a Roc. However, the Roc was sent by Zedd to plant eggs that release baby Rocs that are too much for the Thunderzords. Then Rocky sees the eggs and remembers cooking eggs in home ec yesterday, which somehow reminds him he’s a Ranger and he chases the baby Rocs off with an unhatched egg. (Maybe they followed after the mini flying elephants from last issue?)

This is another case of good idea/bad execution/not understanding the show. While the comic gets to do things the show doesn’t, having a giant bird lay eggs doesn’t feel like a Zedd plan. The trigger used to get Rocky to remember he’s a Ranger, not to mention why he forgot one detail, was just silly, even for Power Rangers.

In the second story, Squatt screws up the Putties by not spraying the molds. Only the putties’ feet are able to move, so he drops them on the Rangers. They do cause some chaos until they hit some down power lines and get fried. We don’t know that Zedd uses the same method as Rita did to make his brand of Putty Patrol so this change doesn’t bother me. Zedd isn’t quite in character, telling Squatt (of all flunkies) and Finster to destroy the Rangers while he’s at a convention of evil. Otherwise, it’s a neat little story.

Hamilton’s version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but Markstein’s absence (possibly because he was working on the Saga adaptation issues) really hurt the later issues and this second set of comics. That said, we’ll soon see that it was better than the Marvel comics. Overall, stick to Saga and the first miniseries. The rest just aren’t as good. Except for V2 #2 with the dinosaurs.

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