The Transformers #75

I wish. There’s 5 more comics and Generation 2 left to go.

The Transformers #75

Marvel (February, 1991)

” On The Edge Of Extinction”
WRITER: Simon Furman
ARTIST: Geoff Senior
COLORIST: Nel Yomtov
LETTERER: Rick Parker
EDITOR: Rob Tokar

Unicron attacks Cybertron to consume Primus. Initially the Autobots and Decepticons fall back in fear until Xaaron/Primus’s sacrifice and Galvatron’s failed assault gives both sides the drive to attack.  Grimlock’s ship arrives with the restored Autobots but even they are not enough. Scorponok also dies in the battle while Shockwave and Starscream look to get out. The Neo-Knights try to help but are barely of any use. Then the Creation Matrix arrives, but the dark force that has taken over the lifeforce of Primus (seeking vengeance on the Transformers) isn’t enough until Optimus, leaving Hi-Q behind, grabs the Matrix and unleashes it’s power, destroying Unicron and himself in the process.

I’m trying to decide which of the Furman artists are worse. Wildman drew the Transformers like they were humans in costumes (he’s gotten better) while Senior’s art here has exaggerated facial expressions, the line art is rather flat, and it just isn’t very appealing. They you have the slaughter of basically every Nebulan partner who wasn’t in the movie, and thus Furman’s UK version of the future (around 20o6). I know there was a forced housecleaning by Hasbro for #50 but this doesn’t have to be done every milestone. Would he have done it again if they reached #100?

The Neo-Knights are useless. Rapture hits Unicron with her whammy for a few seconds at best, Thunderpunch’s assault was so weak we don’t even get to see it, Dynamo can’t channel Cybertron’s energy the way he can Earth’s, and Circuit Breaker regains her sanity just long enough to maybe lock Unicron while Optimus grabs the Matrix. You know, the lifeforce of Primus that is now evil but according to Optimus still has a spark of good we weren’t shown during the fight with Thunderwing. I’m not sure how this is supposed to work outside of trying to rip off Transformers: The Movie. (At least the Armada cartoon had a fresh addition with the Mini-Cons.)

The Transformers #75 fails in the same areas as #50 but without the successes. It’s just one big slaughter to clear out the character ranks. It’s just not very interesting.

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