Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 (Marvel)

He’s just mad he doesn’t have hands.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2

Marvel (November, 1995–despite saying December on the cover)

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha
EDITOR: Mariano Nicieza
“Playing Dirty”
WRITER: Fabian Nicieza
INKERS:Mark McKenna & Harry Candelario
COLORIST: Mike Worley
“A Simple Misunderstanding”
WRITER: Frank Lovece
PENCILER: Steve Ditko
INKERS: Jim Amash & “Pond Scum” (according to comics.org, actually Scott Elmer)

The first story was custom-built for the half-comic format, as lame as that is to do to kids. The teens are helping out at a car wash (that for some reason has external hoses to wash cars after they go through the machine or something), except for Bulk and Skull, who are helping out of punishment. Zedd turns the car wash into a monster, which the Rangers defeat by getting it muddy so it will destroy itself by cleaning itself. What do these comics have against the Rangers using their actual weapons on the monsters that they use on the show? That aside it’s a nice short story.

The second story has Bulk and Skull more up front, when the Yellow and Pink Rangers start a comedy of errors trying to give the bullies turned junior police patrolmen (which they only did to get chicks, something the show forgot but Lovece remembered). Squatt and Baboo think they can help stop the Rangers, Rito (who is out of character by both using his real name instead of calling him Ed, and at one point claiming he was the only one allowed to suck up to Zedd, which he never did) considering betraying Zedd, and Zedd blowing up Rita’s pet. It’s a fun story that also wouldn’t have made a full issue, and it was nice seeing Rito make his comic debut.

Still, I’m disappointed that Marvel didn’t do full issue stories, which was kind of insulting. It doesn’t allow time for the types of stories the show was good for, and some of the Hamilton comics succeeded at, with themes that were good messages for kids. At least this comic was better than last issue, and will remain in my collection. I hope this becomes the trend but we’ll see.


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