Mar 08, 1922 - Dec 06, 2014

Mar 08, 1922 – Dec 06, 2014

Our friend over at The Draconic Verses refers to someone dieing as being summoned by Prince Sirki, a reference I admit I don’t get. However, the prince was really busy this year, wasn’t he? In fact he was so busy that a lot of artists, creators, actors, and writers probably slipped your noticed and really shouldn’t. Cracked even needed two whole articles to list them all, and those are two pages each.

  • Part 1: Including a Japanese soldier who didn’t watch the clock, a grumpy cat, we don’t cover porn but there’s a famous one (I guess on there), two members of Devo, a Star Wars novelist, one of the oldest YouTube v-log stars, a D&D artist, one of the 1960’s Batman writers, The Ultimate Warrior, and the creator of the xenomorph’s look.
  • Part 2: Including some druggie maker that I don’t care about (outside of a humanitarian wish to not see people die), one of the unsung champions of World War II, the creator of Spot The Dog, a movie poster creator, one of the Hey, Arnold voice actors, the last Ramone, a popular graffiti artist, a saxophonist you may not know but whose work you will, the creator of Choose Your Own Adventure books, and the man at the top of this article.

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