Gigantor #8

Too bad this fight doesn’t happen in the comic. It looks amazing.

Gigantor #8

Antarctic Press (October, 2000)

“Katzmeow’s Deadly Plan!”
EDITOR: Doug Dlin

While our heroes (minus Dick Strong) meet with one of the last bases commander, Commander Muttonchops (ah, 60s cartoon names), Katzmeow launches numerous attacks, sinking boats carrying reinforcements and attacking two more bases before pushing on to this one. Katzmeow uses his spritzer tanks to freeze Gigantor with water, immediately frozen in the Antarctic cold. However, when the forces leave with their ultimatum, Dick arrives in one of the spritzers. Heating the water and using flamethrowers, everyone is able to melt the ice and free Gigantor and, led by Dick, launches their own assault on Katzmeow’s base. The evil doctor escapes, setting his headquarters to self-destruct. While everyone celebrates their victor, Bob isn’t sure they’ve seen the last of Doctor Katzmeow.

What they got right: The second half of “Struggle At The South Pole”, Dunn does a good job adapting the episode, improving things like how they got Gigantor out of the ice (flamethrowers versus a moat of burning kerosene) the dialog is better.

What they got wrong: Too bad he didn’t fix a few character names, but I guess there would have been fans upset that Commander Muttonchops was renamed.

Recommendation: A pretty good adaptation. I still enjoy this series even if the art dipped (mostly due to lack of color like the previous story arcs) and it isn’t an original story.


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