Sadly, I've been lost like this before.

Sadly, I’ve been lost like this before.

I won’t be doing The Clutter Reports for a couple of weeks. This week is going to by my mother’s funeral. (The funeral director suggested waiting for Spring since Connecticut winters are cold and people would want to get back into their cars as soon as they could. Since she was cremated we decided it was a good idea.) I’m going to try to get stuff done early but if I miss the Friday Night Fight, I miss it. I’m going to have videos for the “free days” and I don’t know what will happen Saturday or if there will be a comic for Sunday. Priorities, people.

As for the videos, they aren’t Filler Videos. Linkara has gotten up to RPM in his History Of Power Rangers series so it’s time to for the BW edition to get to Jungle Fury. Since it’s only three videos long, Monday will have Game Theory‘s continued examination of Five Nights At Freddy’s, to see what clues the third game offers when it comes to the murders that caused the events of the game to happen. I’m not a horror game person but I think there are enough fans of the game out there that they might want to see it.

As for Transformers Thursday, we’re all done with Marvel. Sadly, we’re not done with Simon Furman. We’re going to the Dreamwave run, which Furman played a large part, the difference being…some of his stories were actually not that bad. Some still were but it was better than his Marvel or IDW runs, as we’ll see as we move on. However, Dreamwave actually had two continuities going, a variation of the classic “Generation One” and the “Unicron Trilogy” (or at least Armada and Energon before Pat Lee started screwing over the comic creators whom I don’t think have been paid yet around a decade later). So the midnight posting will be “G1” while the afternoon posting will be the UT continuity. This should trade things up a bit. I’ll be doing the G1 in chronological order, which means The War Within, although we’re starting with the one I remember enjoying. I’ve already taken a look at The War Within: The Dark Ages, featuring the franchise debut of the Fallen in brief when the movie version of the character hit theaters but I think I’ll review the issues individually anyway for completeness and follow the miniseries’ big failures (and strengths) as they happen.

Meanwhile the Saturday comic will move on to Unlimited Access, the end of the Access Trilogy and my crossovers section of my collection. Otherwise things are up in the air this week. We’re having a ceremony for my grandparents next month but I only have to show up for that, not take part in putting things together. Plus I don’t have to give a eulogy for that. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. And since this IS Mother’s Day, don’t forget to show your mother some love. Trust me, unless she was a horrible human being, and mine most definitely was a wonderful human being, you’ll miss her when she’s gone.

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