Showcase '93 #10

Where’s Deathstroke’s lower half?

Showcase ’93 #10

DC Comics (October, 1993)

EDITOR: Neil Pozner
Huntress: “Armageddon”
WRITER: Doug Moench
ARTISTS: Bill Willingham & Terry Austin
LETTERER: ken Bruzenak
“Kobra Chronicles” part 5: “Big Black Smoke
WRITER: Mike Baron
INKER: José Marzan Jr.
COLORIST: Paul Mounts
Martian Manhunter: “Help Me Make It Through The Night”
WRITER: Len Wein
PENCILER: Stuart Immonen
INKER: Robert Santiago
COLORIST: Calvin Armstrong
LETTERER: Lois Buhalis

Huntress is after a survivalist who murdered his own son and is becoming paranoid. When Batman (at this time Jean Paul Valley) learns of this he goes after him as well, not trusting Huntress because apparently only Batman can fight crime (or at least that’s what Jean Paul thought). Even seeing her take out three of the survivalist (who begins questioning their leader and I get the impression that if they knew he killed his boy they’d drag him to the cops themselves–a rarity among survivalists…not that Huntress and BatValley are any kinder to them) doesn’t convince BatValley to let her handle thing so they team-up…sort of. Eventually the murderer is brought to justice. Back in her teacher role, Helena talks to the kids about slapping someone in anger…although I’m betting she got a different lesson than her students. Frankly, BatValley was unnecessary to the story. This should have been Huntress’ alone but outside of that a good tale.

I haven’t been following the continuing adventures but here’s what I know from context. Deadshot betrayed Kobra and so the leader plugged him into a new kind of television that will slowly turn people into mindless zombie slaves. (And of course Kobra sings the evils of TV to teens and whatnot because video games hadn’t become the cultural thing it is today.) Meanwhile, one of their group tricks Doctor Light (the superhero one) into thinking the US Government is after their (as in Japan’s) technological secrets. Thus, when Peacekeeper and Katana (whom Light has been tricked into thinking has betrayed Japan) come calling she attacks them. Deathstroke is flying the helicopter and shoots the heroes an opening. As Peacekeeper tries to rescue Deadshot Kobra appears along with an allegedly brainwashed (by the new TVs) Doctor Light, having captured Katana. Yeah, it plays on Japanese nationalism and their affinity with technology and some might have an issue with it, but I kind of want to see the other five chapters of this tale.

In our final story, J’onn is not having a good night. Hoping to satisfy a late night Oreo craving, he’s found none of the 24 hour stores in the city have any. At the last store he foils probably the dumbest hold-up man ever. Even his buddies realizes the few bucks they want to steal from this place isn’t worth going up against the Manhunter From Mars, but he insists he’s not leaving with out it. They promptly get their butts kicked but the owner is annoyed by the damage, never mind Manhunter just saved his life and money. Then the last of the Oreos are stolen by a woman who was in the store, who lives alone with little money while her successful son doesn’t even call. While J’onn and the woman talk she has a heart attack and he assumes her son’s form so she can see him one last time and accept his apology. He leaves her there (I’m going to assume to call for a corner) as well as the Oreos. I’m not sure what to make of this one. The comedy part earlier kind of takes away from the more heartfelt part and they should have done one or the other really.

Overall, not a bad issue if you like anthologies. Personally I do, as they give characters who can’t hold their own series a chance to stay relevant in the DCU. Give it a look

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