Recently, a Morning Video Link went to a commentary by Halley Callahan concerning a problem in Christian movies, that too often the message is heavy-handed even to other Christians. In part this is because the movie was intended to be the Christian version or have a positive message but failed to make a good story first with the message as the theme of the piece. Good characters, good story, and good performances are rather important whether it’s a religious or secular story

I wouldn’t have even known The Guarding Of Eden had any Christian connections if it wasn’t a Christian news report that I heard about it from. While at least one creator is going to Regent University, a Christian college, and one of the animators worked on Veggie Tales any Christian themes are at least allegorical, like the Chronicles Of Narnia series. But it if the video is any indication they set out to make a good game first, and this one looks interesting even to the non-religious.

As of this writing the game has reached 79% of its goal with 10 days remaining, and I hope they succeed. It looks like it could be a fun game.

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