Gigantor #11

“Darn Space Ghost. Can’t he keep his saucer crabs in his own galaxy?”


Gigantor #11

Antarctic Press (June, 2001)

“Badge Of Danger” part 1
ADAPTATION/ART: David Hutchison

When even Gigantor is bested by a squadron of flying saucers, Bob plans to come up with a plan to create a device to help Gigantor. However, the criminal behind the saucers, Ugablob, has Bob captured. One of the men leaves a badge behind which Ugablob isn’t happy about. But he plans to brainwash Bob into building an evil Gigantor.

What they got right: Hutchison didn’t try to emulate Ben Dunn, who has worked on every issue up to now. He also remembered that Bob’s family, who were in the episode, aren’t in the AP Gigantor universe.

What they got wrong: There were times when he kept the original dialog intact, early dubbing flaws and all. Even before I watched the episode I knew it and it doesn’t work well.

Recommendation: This afternoon is the final issue and that’s too bad. This is a good series, even if it became all adaptations for half of the series. Pick it up.

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