Gigantor #12

Gigantor loves his bath toys.

Gigantor #12


Antarctic Press (August, 2001)

“Badge Of Danger” part 2
ADAPTATION: David Hutchison
EDITOR: Doug Dlin

Ugablob’s agent, Slurk, retrieves the badge from Jimmy but the the engine stalls on his saucer. Tired of Slurk’s failures, he orders another saucer to take him out. Betrayed, Slurk tells Jimmy and Inspector Blooper that the badge has a tracking device that will lead them to Ugablob’s submarine. This time Gigantor is ready for the saucers and easily defeats them. Ugablob gets away but our heroes rescue Bob Brilliant before he can be brainwashed.

What they got right: Hutchison does fix some of the dialog, unlike last time. The ending is decent enough.

What they got wrong: But for the final issue we don’t get a cool robot versus robot story but a lesser story that wasn’t that great as an episode. This series started out with an original, beautifully drawn and colored story, and it ends on this story, a black-and-white adaptation of a mildly interesting story. Also, in the episode it was Gigantor that took out the saucer, if I recall correctly, not a lame stalled engine.

Recommendation: The earlier issues are great and worth having. The adaptations are not as good but still worth a read at the least. I wonder if they were saving themselves for Gigantor–G3. What, you don’t know what that is? It was teased in the back of this issue and we’ll look at it tonight because these kind of things interest me.

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