Marvel DC Unlimited Acess #2

“Why don’t I get to have blue glowy effects?”

Unlimited Access #2

Marvel/DC Comics (January, 1998)

“Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!”
WRITER: Karl Kesel
PENCILER: Pat Olliffe
INKER: Al Williamson
COLORIST: Greg Wright
EDITOR: To Brevoort
GUIDING SPIRIT: Mark Gruenwald

The Legion defeats the Sentinels, but Wolverine takes them away before more arrive. Braniac 5 creates a device that disrupts the inhibitor collars used on mutants during the “Days Of Futures Past” period, which allows them to fight the Sentinels. Access takes the Legion back to the DCU but as soon as they’re through everyone forgets about them. As Access tried to adjust the portal to get him home, Magneto shoved him in to protect him from a Sentinel attack, and he ends up bouncing around time until he’s pulled in by Morty, the bum that unlocked Axel’s powers. “Morty” lets slip that he’s actually Axel from the future, who tells him to find an anchor and that he needs to travel constantly to keep the universe apart. As he begins to tell him what else the Amalgam universe brings him a huge door opens and “Morty” escapes because the two of them together is opening that door. Coming through it is Darkseid and his legion. The early Avengers come to his aide and Access triggers the original Justice League to help, but Amazing Grace uses her power to send the male members of both sides against each other.

What they got right: At least things are explained. Remember when I asked why Access needed to travel through time if he was the latest? Now we know there is only one, namely Axel. Every crossover since Superman Versus The Amazing Spider-Man has been cleaned up by him apparently. Why doesn’t anyone remember him or the people from the other universe, since they’re never mentioned outside of crossovers? Side effect.

What they got wrong: But wait a minute. Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and others HAVE remembered him. What made them so special? Joker even remembered dealing with Spider-Man in Spider-Man And Batman during the first issue of DC Versus Marvel. I’m also still not into Axel having time travel as well because the writer decided to toss out the “line of Accesses” in favor of only just one or why it was necessary to do so. Sure, it leads to Kesel playing with different time periods, which is what he wants to do, but it just feels like too much. Why not have something his predecessors and perhaps replacements dealt with in their periods be connected to a threat in modern times instead of using the same Access?

Recommendation: I’m still finding the story interesting, though. It’s still worth looking into.


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