All true.

All true.

We weren’t sure if Nichelle Nichols would make ConnectiCon 2015 after she had the stroke in June. She did cancel her Q&A (they moved the Power Rangers Q&A to her spot) but she was at the autograph booth meeting fans and taking pictures and, from the pictures I’ve seen online, enjoying herself. And my cousin’s brother-in-law ran into her at the airport. He did go to say hello but didn’t bother her for a picture or autograph or anything, but he said she was nice to him. It’s always good to seeing celebrities who know how to treat their fans and you can only hope those fans return the favor.

There’s a new Clutter Report this week as I review the tablet I unboxed two weeks ago. And with Brass City Comic Convention over (unless I get a huge influx of cash) I’m done with conventioning. There are some videos I want to get up from the con and another ConnectiCon video I want done as well, so the schedule is going to be a bit off this week depending on what video work I can get done. Then we should be back to business as usual.


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