Several of Beauty and the Beast's main charact...

Several of Beauty and the Beast’s main characters. From left to right: Lumière, Cogsworth, Chip, Mrs. Potts and Featherduster. Belle and the Beast are seen in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Due to technical difficulties on Spacebooger’s end there is no Friday Night Fight this week, so I thought I’d break out something fun and still conflict-related.

I have yet to see Disney’s Beauty And The Beast but I’ve seen enough clips and reviews to know that a live-action version from Disney is unnecessary. And yet we’re getting one in 2017. And I just saw The Sword In The Stone is being worked on. Why? The tale of the beautiful girl who tames a man-turned-beast story has been retold, re-imagined, and homaged (no “re”, broke the pattern) many, many times since it was first created, but this is the version that gets the most praise from what I’ve heard and even from what I’ve seen I see why.

So of course it has a showing at Disney theme parks. I’ve seen a few videos of what may be the best part. The actor playing Gaston, the sexist jerk who is the villain of the picture, at Disney World (or at least the guy they had in 2014) is fantastic in the role. I’ve seen a number of videos of the guy and he plays the role so over-the-top it’s fantastic and loves playing with the audience. Whoever you are, sir, my hat is off to you. But one video that went viral shows a little girl telling Gaston off and it’s just one of the best things ever.

You can tell she’s just having fun with this guy, and he seemed to enjoy playing with her. This is why kids (and the rest of us) need fun movies and other media, so we can see moments like this.

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