And thus a storyline concludes.

And thus a storyline concludes.

Way back when Stephanie Brown was being given the brushoff by DC I made a comic in which she, in her Batgirl costume, was tossed into a cell with three other castoffs–Connor Hawke, Wally West, and Cassandra Cain. One by one they were reported as joining the new DC Universe (although it was around a year if not longer since they announced Steph’s return as the Spoiler that she finally did), and now Cassandra is going to be returning. The cell is now empty.

Well, I’ve been sick all week which is why there weren’t any new posts here at the Spotlight or at The Clutter Reports. I’m feeling better so new articles are coming. There’s a change in the second Star Wars comic, however. You know how I said I had a few prequel comics, like the days before even the prequel trilogy? I don’t know where they are. So as we finish up Droids I’m jumping to the Super Mario Brothers comics (we have looked at Adventures Of The Super Mario Brothers previously). From there we’ll begin the Star TREK comics. Also for Marvel Tuesday I did find a Spidey Super Stories comic I couldn’t find, so we’ll be looking at that in the afternoon tie-in review before returning to 90s comics.

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  1. Sean says:

    Good to see that you’re back in the saddle!


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