During Secret Wars II we saw a glimpse of Malice, the result of the Hate Monger messing with Sue Richards’ mind, who dressed in fetishwear and uses her force field in more deadly ways. Now we’re at the “Infinity War”, and it’s going to bring Sue face to face with her evil self…and her horrible fashion sense. I still think this story was an excuse to get Sue in a bikini top.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Lights Out” round 4

The Battlefield: Fantastic Four #369 (Marvel; October, 1992) “With Malice Toward All!”

The Promoters: Paul Ryan & Tom Defalco (writers/pencils), Dan Bulandi (inker) Gina Going (colorist), and Jack Morelli (letterer)

Thanks to Galactus’ brainwave scanner, Sue is forced to confront her Malice persona. As per usual, her alter ego wants to take control and do evil things. With Reed captured and dopplegangers of her friends running loose, she doesn’t have time for this.

The real pain comes from seeing herself in that outfit.

The real pain comes from seeing herself in that outfit.

Malice pushes her advantage on her good side.

"I don't think my insurance covers this."

“I don’t think my insurance covers this.”

But what Sue lacks in ferocity she makes up for it in brains.

Malice, doing her Hal Jordan impersonation.

Malice, doing her Hal Jordan impersonation.

And when you realize the wall was all in her mind to begin with, that makes this defeat even more embarrassing.

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