Metal Guardian Faust #4

Angel has the weirdest friends.

Metal Guardian Faust #4

Viz (1997)

originally published by Shogakukan, Inc

“Dream of An Angel”
WRITER/ARTIST: Tetsuro Ueyama
COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics
EDITOR: Annette Roman

Angel makes contact with Rushiha and tries to convince her to let the robot have her body, but when the girl demands to see her papa (who is trying to get away but blocked by Prancer the robo-guard dog) Angel instead sends three robots after her. While Cupid (yes, we’re continuing this gimmick) channels the energy into Donner, somewhere Blitz(en) is standing by to do whatever he’s planning to do. Donner creates a field that appears to drain energy, and even Faust’s gun isn’t immune to the “Metatron Zone”.

What they got right: There are some good threats coming from the robots. We also see that “papa” isn’t idly standing by but trying to escape to reach his daughter and trying to talk Angel (who sees herself as his daughter) out of killing Rushiha in favor of her dream of being human.

What they got wrong: I really have no complaints. I’m waiting for Angel to be called out on her unholy plan and point out she’s more demon than angel but that’s pretty much it. I do want an explanation as to why it has to be Rushiha outside of some kind of jealousy when it comes to Santa (remember, the scientist’s name is Santa, hence all the reindeer names for the robots).

Recommendation: I’m still enjoying this series. You should really track it down.


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