In The Wizard, Lucas Barton wielded a Power Gl...

In The Wizard, Lucas Barton wielded a Power Glove, declaring that he loved it because it was so bad. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You many remember Mattel’s Power Glove for the Nintendo Entertainment System for not living up to the hype or for that line in The Wizard that made your eyes roll with how lame it was. However, do you know what parts Atari, the game crash of the early 1980s, Barbie, Visionaries, Captain Power & The Solders Of The Future, and especially music played in the creation of the Power Glove and ultimately why such a cool idea for the time failed so badly? Norman Caruso, The Gaming Historian, takes a detailed look at the history of the peripheral to find out why it was “so bad”.

You can catch more video game history from the Gaming Historian on his YouTube channel.

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