Spider-Man Adventures #12

The annual barbecue didn’t go as planned this year.

Spider-Man Adventures #12

Marvel (November, 1995)

“Taking It To The Streets”
TELEPLAY: Stan Berkowitz
PENCILER: Alex Saviuk
INKER: Rob Stull
COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
EDITOR: Sarra Mossoff

In the previous episode/issue I’m missing, Norman was tired of being jerked around by Fisk and hired the Hobgoblin to assassinate him. Instead, Hobgoblin kidnapped Harry and in this issue takes over Crime Central, forcing Kingpin and Smythe out. They make a truce with Norman and through him uses Spider-Man to stop Hobgoblin so they can reclaim Crime Central. Meanwhile, Aunt May, who was hurt during Harry’s kidnapping, is in the hospital (Aunt May in the hospital? What a surprise.) with Mary Jane watching over her while Peter goes to work (and by work I mean protecting the Osborns from Hobgoblin’s last attack).

What they got right: There seems to be two themes here, revenge and the choices we make in life. Norman wanted revenge on Kingpin, Kingpin then wanted revenge on Osborn, and Hobgoblin wanted revenge on both of them. Meanwhile, Norman acknowledges that he made some poor choices and misses his son’s growing up, and the doctor claims that Peter made a poor choice not being with Aunt May (which he’s wrong, since Spider-Man had to stop Hobgoblin). It works well.

What they got wrong: Things are exploding around you, civilian, and you really take time to stop and ask Spider-Man, running from the things exploding around you that are targeting him, why so much chaos seems to be happening Greenwich Village as if you were having a casual conversation?

Recommendation: While I still recommend the episode if you can find it (did they put this series out on home video yet?) the comic isn’t a bad substitute. The series will be better in a couple of issues when they start making original stories set in this continuity, which I’m hoping doesn’t follow the DC tie-ins in trying to play too close to the parent universe.

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