Spider-Man Adventures #15

“Worst hot spring spa ever!”

Spider-Man Adventures #15


Marvel (February, 1996)

“Jungle Stalkings”
WRITER: Nel Yomtov
PENCILER: Alex Saviuk
INKERS: Sam DeLaRosa, Loretta Krol, Scott Elmer, & Rob Stull
COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
EDITOR: Sarra Mossoff

Peter gets JJ to send him to a symposium in Rio that Curt Connors will be speaking at. However, he has disappeared…because he has become the Lizard again. The Lizard takes over a small village to make a serum that will not only keep him in Lizard form forever but that he can use on Curt’s family. When Peter puts the clues together, Spider-Man comes up with his own serum, restoring Curt in time for the symposium.

What they got right: They remembered neogetics, which became a big deal as the show continued on. The Lizard and Spider-Man always make for interesting fights.

What they got wrong: Blaming the change on Curt being exposed to the alien symbiote? That’s a lame excuse if ever I heard one. I wish Yomtov had come up with something better. Also, this is the final issue of this name only. The continuity will continue on in The Adventures Of Spider-Man and I don’t see the reason for the re-branding and relaunch.

Recommendation: This was a good issue. Pick this one up.

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