Transformers Energon #22

“Oooh, my guns are all glowy.”

Transformers Energon #22

Dreamwave (April, 2004)

“What Lies Beneath” part 3
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: Guido Guidi
INKER: Rob Armstrong
COLORIST: David Cheung & Jong-Im Lee

Finally having clearance and receiving Carlos’s distress call, Optimus leads Hot Shot, Jetfire, Ironhide, and Inferno to Earth to confront the Terrorcons. It’s a stalemate (although Tidal Wave, whose been questioning Scorponok a bit more than the Terrorcon commander likes, seems to have a history with Ironhide) until Rad, trying to rescue Alexis and Kicker only to meet Battle Ravage, has Carlos remotely ram his vehicle into an Energon collector. The Terrorcons withdraw to salvage what they can and the Autobots prepare to pursue. Back on Unicron, Megatron’s been busy constructing a new body, and he’s anxious to get into it.

What they got right: A lot of good action, and the humans get to do interesting stuff and be helpful and things. We also learn how Kicker’s “Energon sense” works in this continuity.

What they got wrong: I can’t believe I’m saying this for a Furman-penned Transformers story but I can’t find anything to complain about. Pat Lee couldn’t run a comic company but Dreamwave performed at least one miracle.

Recommendation: Yeah, pick this one up. Why is Furman doing so well in this series and so not-well in most of his other stories? They were good ideas, too, just poorly done. Why does this work?

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