Worlds Collide

I’m not kidding, this comic came with Colorform-style things, which more KIDS comics should try.

Worlds Collide

DC/Milestone (July, 1994)

“How can You Be In Two Places At Once When You’re Not Anywhere At All?”
WRITERS: Robert L. Washington III, Dwayne McDuffie, & Ivan Velez
PENCILLERS: John Paul Leon, M.D. Bright, Chriscross, Chris Batista, Tom Grummett, & Denys Cowan
INKERS: Rober Quijano, Bobby Rae, Art Nichols, Romeo Tanghal, & Prentis Rollins
COLORISTS: Noelle C. Giddings, J. Brown, Andrew Burrell, David Montoya, & John Cebellero
(as you can see this is the version I found)
LETTERER: Joseph Daniello
EDITOR: Dwayne McDuffie
CONSULTING EDITORS FOR DC COMICS: Frank Pittarese, Mike Carlin, & Curtis King

Fred arrives in Dakota where he runs, literally, into Static and his friends who are working on a comic. Fred’s powers make the characters come to life as well as heroes from a comic he made as a kid. Superboy and Rocket come from different directions and join in on the “fun” until Alva and Hazard’s continued tug of war sends Fred’s powers into overdrive. He is now a giant and sees himself as a god. He then picks up Paris Island and tosses it into the sea in Metropolis, affecting Rocket and even stopping the Blood Syndicate from fighting Superman. Things have just gotten worse.

What they got right: Hey, Superboy and Rocket almost got along for a moment. Fred’s now become a serious threat to all parties. (He will start calling himself Rift soon, but not this issue.) And I do like the idea of the “vinyl clings” cover, which is the version I was lucky to get. It’s kind of fun.

What they got wrong: I’m really against this “Superman is fiction in our reality so we’re going to keep treating him and now Superboy as such” nonsense. Like I said, I don’t know if this was already established in previous Milestone titles that the DC Universe is a comic in the Dakota universe but if so that makes a problem for this crossover, and if it wasn’t it was a dumb idea to do it now. Also, I’ve never been a mailman but I’m basically watching me turn evil and that’s disturbing.

Recommendation: This crossover event continues to be enjoyable outside of the “DC is fictional in the Milestone Universe” thing. I still recommend it, and if you can get the collector’s edition and create your own cover. It’s on the front and back covers and you can make something cool.


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