The answer is "too many to screw this up yet I did".

The answer is “too many to screw this up yet I did”.

Sadly, this is what happened this week…just before it was time to work on this week’s comic. This will be an Art Soundoff topic tomorrow.

I also just realized that I didn’t do a Clutter Report posting for this week. Dealing with a minor Crohn’s flareup has been a distraction I didn’t need.

Update time: We just wrapped up the three issues of Meteor Man I own, since the last three I didn’t find. This week we go with something new: Mighty Mouse! YAY! I finally get to talk about Mighty Mouse on this site! It’s only close to eight years since I started this. I have a bunch of issues from Marvel’s run which I’ll be looking at…starting next week. This week I have one issue from an earlier publication, the publisher of which came from Waterbury, CT. If you look it up you will find Waterbury has a rich connection to comic history. I don’t give my exact location in this state but I’ve been to Waterbury often and sadly there is no publisher there. I think the closest one is in Danbury or something but I don’t know anybody there to visit.

Also, the Star Trek comic reviews are taking a short break because a whole bunch of my Star Trek comics are missing. Well, I have a vague idea where they are, but not specifically so I can’t give you guys a full review set until I find them. This means I need to do a major comic collection adjustment…AGAIN…before I can resume that series. However, I did find those few Star WARS comics I mentioned, from a set of miniseries called Tales Of The Jedi, produced by Dark Horse. I have one miniseries in full, “The Golden Age Of The Sith”, and one issue of the next miniseries before I lost interest. We’ll be doing those counting down to The Force Awakens.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    Derby, just about 25 miles down Route 8 from Waterbury, was the home of Charlton Comics for many years. Charlton….the publisher of many great titles such as Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch and Valley of the Dinosaurs! What’s the comic book company that exists in Danbury?


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