Transformers Energon #25

“Oh yeah, excellent skiing vacation. We don’t even ski!”

Transformers Energon #25

Dreamwave (July, 2004)

WRITER: Simon Furman
INKER: Elaine To
COLORISTS: Jong-Im Lee & Josh Perez

When the Omnicons hunt for Energon on Earth almost destroys a city (because it’s a Furman story, off-panel or not) Optimus has Hot Shot take them to a desolate part of the Yukon, where they’re setting up an Energon depot. The Omnicons wreck the place the instant they arrive and Hot Shot tells them to get lost. It’s the first order they’ve actually followed, which leads them into a trap by the Terrorcon Snowcat. He plans to rewrite their programming to work for them but thanks to Over-Run in their collective consciousness they manage to break free and defeat him. Sometime later, Optimus goes back to Cybertron, but the space bridge is diverted…to Megatron’s chamber in Unicron!

What they got right: It is so bizarre to read a Simon Furman tale that not only takes one issue but has less than three storylines going at the same time, much less only one. He should try it more often, because this is an interesting story with the Omnicons and how they have an ego issue combined with a one-track mind. I also like that Snowcat is his own Transformer and not just Armada Cyclonus in a new body. The cartoon kept going that direction and it was lame every time.

What they got wrong: Will the Omnicons work better with humans and fellow Autobots? I can’t tell from here. Also, Snowcat loves his cat puns. There are only two but it feels like two too many, especially factoring in that this is the first time we’ve seen him on Earth so how does he know these expressions?

Recommendation: If Furman wrote more stories like this I wouldn’t have a problem with his Transformers stories. Give this issue a look.

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