Superman The Man Of Steel #36

“Hurry, Icon, before Zack Snyder ruins you in a movie!”

Superman: The Man Of Steel #36

DC Comics (August, 1994)

“Worlds Collide” part 10: “A Rift In Reality”
WRITER: Louise Simonson
PENCILER: Jon Bogdanove
INKER: Dennis Janke
COLORIST: Glenn Whitmore
LETTERER: Albert De Guzman
EDITOR: Mike Carlin

(continued from Hardware #18When Superman and the Blood Syndicate try to take the bridge back to Paris Island they find it gone. Playing a hunch, Superman checks the bay and finds the Island underwater, the people all dead. Rift then appears, forcing Superman and Icon to fight for their amusement, while Static, Superboy, and Rocket escape their tombstone prison. However, the two powerful aliens aren’t willing to fight each other and instead work to take Rift down. His worrying about Lois makes Rift conclude that maybe the worlds are real, but he still wants to see the heroes fight each other (where do you think you are, the Marvel Universe?) and takes them from Metropolis to Dakota. (continues in Icon #16)

What they got right: I like how Superman and Icon both try to work out how to not fight each other and work together instead. This is how I like my superheroes, while Fred/Rift is becoming a child in a sense. The younger heroes manage to free themselves and start working together. Again, what I like to see. Even Hardware and Steel are planning how to make sure neither Hazard nor Alva gets Rift’s power.

What they got wrong: Except now it’s Superboy and Static not getting along and Rocket saying they should join forces. What happened? Also, has the art team of this comic seen the Hardware armor? The colorist gets it the worst off model as the colors are way to bright and shiny, while Hardware’s armor is more dull in color. And I thought Curtis and John were going to rebuild the Steel armor (as we saw in the previous chapter) but instead John’s working in his underwear to continue building the trap.

Recommendation: Heroes from the two universes working together at last. I like that and this ends up my favorite issue thus far for it. I still recommend this story arc, even with the slow start in the early chapters.

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