Transformers Generation One #6

“Hey, those are my nipples your shooting off!”

Transformers: Generation One #6


Dreamwave (October, 2002)

WRITER: Chris Sarracini
INKER: Rob Armstrong
COLORISTS: Ramil Sunga, Gary Yeung, Alan Wang, Shaun Curtis, Rob Ruffolo, Stuart Ng, Angel Tsang, Juan Malera, Matt Cossin, Pat Lee
What, did every colorist they had want to be part of this?
FLATS: Kenny Li
LETTERING: Dreamer Design

The President himself comes in to arrest Hallo for his actions and calls for rescue crews to move on San Francisco just as Hallo’s nuke launches. Spike comes in to stupidly tell Hallo “I know everything and I’m gonna tell”, but Hallo surprisingly doesn’t kill him. Oh, he’s ready to give up after the usual evil general speech about doing evil things to protect freedom which is the biggest load of horse hockey…and remember a Conservative is writing this review. There are limits that Hallo crossed and he gets shot up like he should rather than allow himself to be taken alive. We won’t miss him.

Back with the virus, the Autobots are low on power and the Canadian military makes matters worse which may well be making Sarracini the anti-Michael Bay…except both like to make things explode. Wheeljack gets the idea to use a radar dish to broadcast the anti-virus and may have sacrificed himself, just as the Aerialbots do to stop the nuke. That’s how you take a hero out…on top saving lives like a champion! Although I think Wheeljack returns for the next volume, I can’t remember.

Finally back in the city. Megatron continues the humans suck speech but Optimus does something I wish I could see more often when the villain spits out this nonsense and tells him that yes, humans can suck but they can also rise to the occasion…like the fireman who sends his fire truck into Megatron to help Optimus, specifically telling Op to duck. The nuke’s explosion does send a tidal wave knocking out the Autobots but allowing the Decepticons to escape. All except new recruit Grimlock whom the Autobots ALLOW TO LEAVE INSTEAD OF TAKING HIM IN AS A TRAITOR! I remember back in the Marvel run where Optimus told Jetfire that as an Autobot he can leave whenever he wants. However, I don’t think that includes joining the enemy, and this isn’t even a Furman story so what the heck? The miniseries ends with Optimus commenting that things will never be the same. Which sadly is my problem.

I’m not happy that Sarracini decide to make the original Transformers more “adult” in light of how much better his run on Transformers Armada was. (Frankly, between him and Furman I wonder if the comic version of Armada/Energon just had magic powers, possibly draining it from the cartoon which is why it sucked eggs.) But it’s more about what he qualifies as “adult”. It’s not as bad as IDW and the “Decepticon Justice Division” or whatever they were called, or the psychological misfits of the Lost Light crew, but this is a story that started with some terrorist being killed while his pal took a piss. Then we have not one but two human villains, neither of whom were the least bit interesting, political shenanigans, and a whole lot of “dull surprise” expressions courtesy of Pat Lee’s artwork. These six issues were terrible and I recommend avoiding them. I’m just hoping the second miniseries, starting next week, is as better as I remember.

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