Superman Adventures #4

“Gotta lay off the extra cheesecake.”

Superman Adventures #4

DC Comics (February, 1997)

“Eye To Eye”
WRITER: Scott McCloud
PENCILER: Rick Burchett
INKER: Terry Austin
COLORIST: Marie Severin
LETTERER: Lois Buhalis
EDITOR: Mike McAvennie

Perry doesn’t think Jimmy got a good enough shot of Superman’s fight with Brainiac’s cat robot. He chides Jimmy for not risking his life for a good shot. Then some thieves steal a gravity weapon from STAR Labs for Luthor, and hit Superman with it, causing him to become to heavy to fly. So as Superman runs after them (causing groundquakes as he does), Lois and Jimmy head after them. Jimmy does get to get a shot of the crooks about to shoot him in front of Lexcorp (because they’re dumb enough to go right to Luthor and implicate him in the crime with both Superman and the cops still after them–Luthor doesn’t hire for IQ apparently) Superman manages to save him and recover the weapon, Which STAR Labs uses to restore him to normal. And apparently Perry still isn’t impressed.

What they got right: We got the Jimmy of the cartoon rather than the comics. Considering how often the Adventures books play too close to main continuity instead of the show they’re tying into this is important. There is also continuity from the previous issue, making the stories feel connected on a natural level without the second being a continuation of the first.

What they got wrong: Perry can be strict but he’s usually fair. Personally, I thought he got some good shots so either I don’t have an eye for news photography or the artist goofed. He also didn’t seem to care that Jimmy did a stupid thing and nearly got himself killed just to get a shot of the crooks about to shoot him full of holes. Perry, we have zoom lenses in the 90s and I’m sure they had them when you were a regular newsman. You don’t have to risk as much as you did back then, and Jimmy could have been shot full of holes for a shot not nearly as interesting as Superman fighting a bipedal catbot and you say nothing on the matter. I thought you liked Jimmy?

Recommendation: A pretty good Superman story and decent for the continuity. Worth a look.


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