Independence Day movie box art

Independence Day (also know as ID4, which makes it somewhat less confusing thanks to the holiday we just celebrated a couple of days ago) isn’t the most well-written. It’s a big budget action flick in which you know just enough about the characters to like or hate them and cheer them on against an alien threat that blows up our major landmarks because it’s a Rowland Emmerich film; that’s kind of what he does. With the sequel, Resurgence, which I hear is not very good and made worse by lacking the fun of the original, some internet video creators put up trivia videos about the original movie on the same day. Let’s watch.

First up is ScreenCrush with facts you might not have known about the behind-the-scenes of the film.

Then Larry Bundy Jr. caught some goofs the director and editor missed.

Finally, this one is a few years older, but let’s look at the story itself and how it had to fight its own plotholes and IQ to get what it wanted, thanks to Cinema Sins.

So what do you guys think of this movie?

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